Part 4 of Reviewing the Vol. 5: 'Prophet and Unknown Genius'  
7:  Review, Ole Henningsen, Co-Editor, SUFOI Journal 6 December 2004
8:  Review, Anu Kumar, Ph.D. in English Literature, moses-egypt news, 9.Oct.2011
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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal

¤ Presented to the,   -  6 December 2004  -  Introductory review:
The great work on Moses is now completed
By  OLE HENNINGSEN, Co-Editor, SUFOI Journal

The great work on Moses is now completed
          The background of Ove von Spaeth as a writer and researcher is not the current, scientific rather an interdisciplinary knowledge and a huge long-life-collected material of sources. Indeed, his books about Moses are not appreciated by certain circles at the Parnassus. However, a more fair consideration of possible points of criticism should be initiated - for instance, instead of such cheap and scornful non-scientifical rejection which I as a listener witnessed, much amazed, at my presence in a lecture hall at the University of Copenhagen, on 23rd November 2003, at a meeting arranged by the Danish Egyptology Society.
          No doubt, it would have been more becoming for the lecturer as well as the organizer if they had tried strictly scientifically to point out and documenting the points of Ove von Spaeth's alleged erroneous interpretation of available sources. This, however, did not happen, despite the fact that the involved university professionals had themselves chosen Moses as
this evening's subject and even advertised that they intended to use von Spaeth's books as their basis point; which was not at all done!

The suggestion of other and untraditional views

          Still, I find that the established science of the Egyptologian field - also in Denmark - should not restrain from seriously and publicly debating this writer's widely published works about interpretation and dating of the world's oldest star map - depicted at the ceiling of the Senmut tomb in Luxor - and also which consequences this work might have for Egyptian chronology.
          Also, I find it exciting and thought-provoking when Ove von Spaeth demonstrates in detail that many historical sequences in fact can be connected with exact astronomical time data of the past contained in ancient information about celestial events -
for instance, solar eclipses - and as a consequence giving a more subtle perception of history.

          Everything considered, the thoughts and ideas of this writer and researcher deserve broader dissemination, because so much are definitely suitable for further debate and information, and are able to present some of history's recognized truths in unusual, new, unconventional cohesions. This is leading to engagement and inspiration and further concentration on the subjects.
          In particular, through Ove von Spaeth's humongous work, the book-series on the historical Moses, I know him as an enthusiastic, engaged, and very serious person who is not claiming to know the truth, but only suggests other and often untraditional angles of interpretation.


Ove von Spaeth: Prophet and Unknown Genius. - Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer. - Assassinating Moses, Vol. 5.
C.A. Reitzel International Publishers, 236 pages, illstr., DKK 248,

(Text has written approval from Ole Henningsen for free use by OvS.)

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¤ forum&news,  -  9 October 2011  -  Literature article:
Existing literary and extra-textual sources on
the life of Moses
By  ANU KUMAR, Ph.D. in English Literature, M.A. in Sanskrit Studies, lecturer, writer

Book: "Prophet and Unknown Genius. - Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer", by Ove von Spaeth

The final book in the Moses-series deals with existing literary and extra-textual sources on the life of Moses. It develops an Egyptian context for the role of this biblical prophet as a military and religious leader, philosopher, pioneer, and formulator of a code of law.
          Drawing upon a diversity of ancient sources such as Philo's "De Vita Moses", Manetho, Artapanos, Diodorus Siculus, and the 'Rabbinical Writings', among others, the author builds a tapestry of extra-biblical perspectives on Moses which shed further light on his Egyptian legacy as a prince endowed with special skills and heir to esoteric wisdom traditions.
          These skills enabled him not only to unify the Israelite people into a single nation but also to provide their elite with systems of knowledge from philosophy, political science, alchemy, mathematics, and astronomy (for the calendar).
          Perhaps most significantly, this body of knowledge involved the development of a written system of language with its own alphabet that enabled a formation of biblical texts as the world’s oldest written literature based on a letter alphabet.


Ove von Spaeth: "Prophet and Unknown Genius. - Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer". - Assassinating Moses, Vol. 5.
-   ISBN 87-7876-393-2  -  Danish title: 'Profeten som Ukendt Geni',  C.A. Reitzel Publishers, Copenhagen 2005, 272 pages, illstr., DKK 248,-

(Text has written approval from Anu Kumar at 20.Dec.2011 for free use by OvS.)

Afterword - on the author and the Moses-series
          Ove von Spaeth is a scholar, historian, writer and researcher; also an artist and graphic designer. He was born and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the 1970’s, Ove von Spaeth began studying ancient history and religions and ancient astronomy. And in the 1980’s, a study in depths of the world’s oldest star-map from Egypt - the ‘Senmut star-map’ - he published in 1984 the first investigations, and in 1999-2000 he published some ground-breaking results in Centaurus, the international history of science journal, vol.42.
          The author’s treatise reveals that ancient Egyptians were not concerned merely to represent astro-mythological features in star maps as aspects of their cosmology but also to mirror specific events in the sky as and when they occurred. Supported by modern astronomical computational methods, it opens up areas that have remained unexplored.
          From the start this venture led him also to further studies on ancient Egypt resulting in 1999-2004 in his five books on the historical Moses and the Egyptian background. The books and the historical material develop the Egyptian context of Moses in greater detail and outlines and deals with existing literary and extra-textual sources on the life of Moses, the role of this biblical prophet as a military and religious leader, philosopher, pioneer, and formulator of a code of law.
          Von Spaeth's method also consists of bringing together ancient Hebrew texts, such as ancient Rabbinical Writings and Egyptian inscriptions and manuscripts for comparing the accounts for cross-references with regard to specific events in Egyptian history. From this as well from the astronomical records, the author suggests that these sources (including Josephus and Manetho) complement each other in supporting the view that Moses was an exiled prince, while mostly official records of his existence were systematically erased.
          :: Anu Kumar, Ph.D. in English Literature, Pittsburgh University; M.A. in Sanskrit Studies, Copenhagen University; Associate Professor in Hindi, Aarhus University, - (30.Nov.2011).



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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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