Assassinating Moses, Vol. 1. (improv.pict. © 1999)

Assassinating Moses, Vol. 2. (improv.pict. © 1999)

Assassinating Moses, Vol. 3. (improv.pict. © 1999)

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The Suppressed
Moses' Unknown
(Danish version)
ISBN 87-7876-124-7
EAN 978 8778 76 4973
The Enigmatic
of Pharaoh's
Moses' Identity and
(Danish version)
ISBN 87-7876-195-6
EAN 978 8778 76 1958
The Vanished
Moses' Hidden War
Leading to Exodus
(Danish version)
ISBN 87-7876-259-6
EAN 978 8778 76 2597
The Secret
Moses and the
Egyptian Heritage
in the Past and
(Danish version)
ISBN 87-7876-240-1
EAN 978 8778 76 3099
Prophet and
Illuminating Moses
the Advanced
(Danish version)
ISBN 87-7876-393-2
EAN 978 8778 76 3938
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Danish page
Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal
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The historical Moses - and a dimension of new orientation
Groundbreaking ...

An influential and versatile personality, the first prophet of the Bible: the historical Moses - is presented by a full-scale-study by Ove von Spaeth. As a writer, historian, and researcher, he has meticulous analysed many new important findings and traced and investigated ancient significant clues:  a radical exploration that offers new orientations. His thoroughly documented discovery series present an array of findings and concrete results of the research.
According to scientific reviews: this work is bound to be appreciated and argued about by a broad international audience, which equally includes non-specialists as well.


(From the introductions to vol.1:)
           "...It might as well be said at once: This work probably renders the most original, and in various ways most well supported offer for an answer to the (Moses)question within modern research... - The author... has a rare aptitude for passing on an extremely complex and sometimes not very accessible subject matter in a vivid yet logically structured and easily understood manner..."
" feels enriched as a human being, not just intellectually enlightened, when he with unusual insight and understanding explains the religious rationale behind innumerable phenomena of history as well of the present time. Having read this work nobody will doubt the obvious relevance to modern people of studying antiquity...".

Jens-André P. Herbener, M.A. in comparative religion and Semitic philology; - Project leader at The Royal Library of Denmark, of the new scholarly translation into Danish of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)


      "...this work is inter-disciplinary to an exceptional degree, based on extensive and thorough studies within history, theology, archaeology, and the history of religion as well as the history of astronomy... with zeal and flair Ove von Spaeth has collected evidence from widely different sources to support his main thesis regarding Moses and his status and place in history..."
          "...From the astronomical-historical point of view I find the basic assumption of a certain planetary constellation in 1537 BC worth testing in relation to biblical research, Egyptology, archaeology as well as general history... Ove von Spaeth has chosen a vivid style in order to reach a wider circle of readers than mere specialists...".

Kristian Peder Moesgaard, D.Sc., Professor, History of Science Department, Aarhus University; - Director of the Steno Museum, Danish National Museum for the History of Science, Aarhus

(From the reviews of the book-series:)
          "...The Danish researcher Ove von Spaeth does, in his book series: "Assassinating Moses", set up a quite convincing theory ...I do not necessarily agree in all von Spaeth's conclusions, but certainly no researcher has ever come as close to the truth about Moses as he does...".

Claus Fentz Krogh,


(Viewpoints, investigating the historical Moses:)
          "New Research on Moses: Fascination research done by a Danish scholar into the historical Moses. While I may not necessarily concur with some of Ove von Spaeth's conclusions regarding the religion's aspects of Moses, I find his historical research into who Moses was to be fascinating and possible very accurate. In the very least, human flesh is put upon Moses by looking outside of biblical traditions to place him in a wide historical setting."

Ray L. Kaliss, Writer, Researcher,


(From the reviews of vol.1:)
        "...What makes (...) the tale believable is the extent to which von Spaeth has been able to assimilate a vast amount of information from a wide variety of sources, utilizing research into Hebrew, Egyptian and other contemporary language documents..."
        "...This handsome volume ...anyone with a non-specialist interest in these far-off times from a religious or historical perspective will enjoy having this volume at hand ...Deserves an English translation so that it can be appreciated and argued about by a broad international audience...".

Richard M. Stern, Dr.rer.Nat., Copenhagen

(From the reviews of vol.1:)
          "... Rarely has dating been so clearly defined or the implications so fully underpinned in such meticulous detail. - A presentation of detailed arguments and painstaking analyses that contradict predominant theological trends. - Much more prestige is at stake than immediately anticipated, because if Ove von Spaeth is correct even only in the main features, many years of hegemonic theological perceptions in this field are simply going to tumble like dominoes. ... will encourage new breakthroughs and corrections for a long time to come ...".

Rune Engelbreth Larsen, M.A. in History of Ideas, and History of Religion, - Faklen Journal

(From the reviews of vol.4:)
          "... With his work Ove von Spaeth has brought back one of the great personalities of history from the misty world of myths - to which he has been relegated - now reinstalled into sheer reality. But during this endeavour the author has also been able to prove a very close connection between the ancient Egyptian perception of the world and a modern perceived realistic initiation psychology, this breathing new life and meaning into the gradually sectarian, petrified Christianity. In fact, via von Spaeth the Moses of 3,500 years ago becomes a life-giving source for modern people.
          The documentation presented by von Spaeth is hard to escape. ... A fascinating world opens up under Ove von Spaeth's magnifying glass ...".

Jurij Moskvitin, M.A. in Philosophy, Mathematician, and Writer, - Rio de Janiero and Copenhagen



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"Concerning Ove von Spaeth's momentous, new-orientating treatise on "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map" which was published in "Centaurus International Magazine on The History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology" in 2000 (Vol. 42:3, pp. 159-179): - a scientific pioneering work which has gained sustained admiration and respect internationally for its non-traditional observations and for finding solutions to the special difficult problems of key importance to the ancient Egyptian astronomy and the chronological perspectives. - In addition, the actual findings have furthered research on rendering more accurate the dating of Moses' historical period."

Hans Baron Anckarstjerna, historian, editor-in-chief, - Swedano Journal


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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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