Information on Vol. 5 about the historical Moses
Prophet and
Unknown Genius
- Valuable findings about the Bible’s greatest prophet who was a highly educated
Egyptian prince and a claimant to the throne. He created an advanced code of law but
many of his revolutionary and visionary innovations were later ignored
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Danish page
Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal

(From Cover, back:)

- Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer:

What could provoke the ten plagues of Egypt?
Did Moses' creation text contain Egyptian teachings?
How could Moses have invented the alphabet?
What did Moses know, in the scriptures, about the stars?
How much of the texts are documented by historical data

New knowledge about the real person behind the myth and his influence as well as importance for our current cultural contexts. Antiquity greatly esteemed Moses for his versatile talents as a military commander, philosopher, mystic, magician, healer, inventor, and a learned astronomer.

          The book utilizes and re-vitalizes unique material from new discoveries and finds, revealing unknown aspects of the enigma of the historical Moses. As well, it uncovers Moses' far-ranging and exceptional achievements as recorded in rare and ancient sources.

          The Mosaic Law, for example, is a most advanced ancient code with remarkably modern elements:  environmental laws, social laws, asylum rights, human rights law, debt relief, animal protection, hygiene rules, and military ethics.

          In addition, the book uncovers an astronomical background for the Pentateuch texts which mention stars and celestial bodies as well as his calendar for the Israelites. The book contains a comprehensive presentation of historical relationships to the world's first alphabet - the Sinai-alphabet - also indicated in the Bible which is the oldest book written with the use of the alphabet.

           Moses is one of our early history's most insightful and spiritual personalities. The book also brings to light much intriguing but often ignored material about Moses' extraordinary and eventful background in and outside of Egypt.

          "... an impressive depiction of a man straddling the dividing line between history and prehistory and who according to this congenial depiction actually created this line. - The sources as presented by the author ... enables the reader to span vast distances in time and argumentation. ..."

Leo Hjortsoe, University Lecturer in Classical Philology, - of the University of Copenhagen


The following two introductions apply separately and solely to the study in the book's chapters concerning the Laws of Moses:

          "... An impressive piece of work which may prove to be a momentous contribution to the discussion, in my opinion. ..."

Bent Melchior, formerly Chief Rabbi of Denmark, and Rabbi for the Jewish Community, Copenhagen


          "... Read with great interest - and in recognition of many fine observations and details. ..."

Stig Jorgensen, LLD, Professor, Institute of Jurisprudence, University of Aarhus


Author and researcher, OVE VON SPAETH, is recognized internationally for his works on the historical Moses and ancient Egypt. His interdisciplinary explorations provide new orientations and inform on vital areas of culture and evolution. His research is based on exacting studies in history and astronomy.
          He is also recognized for his pioneering work in accurately dating the world's oldest star map and establishing a scientific methodology. It includes a significant contribution to the chronology of Egypt and the Moses era. The author has carried out extensive research on Egyptian history, archaeology, ancient star knowledge, religion, anthropology, cultic mystery doctrines, and mythology. With acute proficiency and years of experience, he researches in depth and detail the often controversial material

Credentials, - about the author, statements from a number of scientific experts and professionals can be found e.g. on these pages: authordata-4: Reflecting views - and Zenith IC Project .



Key Phrases concerning "Prophet and Unknown Genius" :   Moses as a general,  the ten plagues of Egypt,  Pharaoh's wars,  the world's oldest alphabet,  Torah,  the Laws of Moses,  religion and law,  Jewish lunar calendar,  Egyptian astronomy,  ancient historical knowledge,  philosophy,  alchemy in the Bible,  archaeology,  anthropology,  chronology research,  cultural history,  star cult,  religious history,  the Ten Commandments,  theology,  dream omens,  oracles, Tabernackle,  Sinai excavations,  Cadmus,  the Old Testament,  Pentateuch, the five Books of Moses,  Exodus,  creation myths,  Egyptology,  Ove von Spaeth,  Philo,  Josephus,  Diodorus,  Herodotus,  mythology research,  Thebes.

ABSTRACTS:  - Summary - some synoptic clues

(From the Inside Flap:)
Moses is known as one of the most insightful and spiritual personalities of early recorded history. After several decades of painstaking research into the sources of ancient history, the book introduces a number of surprising discoveries about Moses, brought to light through years of meticulous research.

          Moses appears more frequently in our modern usage and conceptual framework than most other Biblical figures. But what was his real identity? Many often suppressed sources have been studied and compared to the most recent achievements of research. This includes the revelation of several items of previously unnoticed evidence about Moses' historic and dramatic fate, in and outside of Ancient Egypt.

          The unusual data about Moses' status and activities include several rediscovered historical pieces of information previously rejected by researchers due to the more limited perspective of their respective eras. Some of these notions, such as that Moses was a fictional character, gained a foothold in scientific approaches - even to this very day. But there is simply too much evidence and tradition to enable his historical presence to be wiped out.

          A bibliography of rare great proportions is added to the book, additionally supplemented and updated by sources from the other volumes. It probably constitutes the most comprehensive collection of scientific works, articles and treatises about Moses in the world. The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography of Egyptian astronomy and chronology.

          In the book, a series of previously enigmatic circumstances in the old scriptures about Moses are presented with a direct connection to ancient history. The new, specific and interesting information, which hereby receives a wider audience, is in several instances actually capable of renewing and expanding knowledge of Moses and his continued influence down through the ages.
(Inside front cover:)
           "... The admiration of the work's main character is captivating, and the sources trotted out by the author bear witness to a fantastically erudite author whose method of presentation enables the reader to span vast distances in time and argumentation ...".   

Leo Hjortsoe, University Lecturer in Classical Philology, - of the University of Copenhagen

Flere forordninger fra Moses brugtes i jødisk tempelkult stadig på græsk-romersk tid
Additional info
VOLUME 5 - from inside flaps:

From the reviews on "Prophet and Unknown Genious", vol. 5 of the Moses-series :
          "... The fifth and final volume of the impressive series on the historical and Biblical Moses which in quite a unique manner provides an interdisciplinary presentation of material from sources of religion, antiquity and ancient history. ... Each chapter can stand alone and, as in the previous volumes, concentration and absorption are required to maintain breadth of view. This is not a difficult, scientific text, but its contents are very compact and full of detail. It concludes with fifty pages of source references. The statements from renowned researchers and professionals on the cover and in the preface bear witness to the respect surrounding this work which is bordering on history and prehistory. ..."
          - Helle Winther Olsen, Senior Lecturer, - Library Lecturers' Reviews, Danish Register of Books

           "... This is an excellent final volume with very convincing arguments in favour of its primary theses. As before, it is an exquisitely pleasing to follow the explanations in this five-volume masterpiece! - continued good luck for this great project. ..."
          - Rune Engelbreth Larsen, M.A. in History of Ideas; & History of Religion, - Pre-review

          "... Ove von Spaeth enchants us with age-old knowledge rewritten in contemporary language so everyone can participate in following the promising journey of Moses on several levels many thousands of years ago. A masterpiece that simply must be read, and readers will benefit and advance even further by reading it more than once. ..."
          - Ulla Runchel, Futurologist, Researcher, Writer, - WebInfo

          "... This is the 5th and last volume of the great book-series on Moses. ... It began with the detection of Moses being born originally to become a pharaoh of Egypt - it means, too, that he was an initiated - but he was repressed because of a plot from the priests and of power struggle in the family. However, it did not prevent him being what he was incarnated to be - the very 'renewer' of the culture. In this vol. 5, it is examined more closely how he actually had a decisive renewing influence on our cultural history. - Ove von Spaeth has been digging out many sources and brought to light many intriguing things which other historians have ignored. ..."
          - Ruth Olsen, editor, - Ny Verdens Impuls Journal

          "... Even in our modern times it makes a virtual impact on us that 3,500 years ago Moses was connected to conditions so impressive and surprising in our early historical and cultural heritage.
          The established knowledge suffers - of natural reasons - from huge gaps in research. In the light of much new material, some parts of the established knowledge on the past will often be incorrect. There are many angles, and all historians know that there is no authoritarian "belief" for a given historical sequence - not one unambiguous truth. - In "Prophet and Unknown Genius", however, its writer Ove von Spaeth has realized that the task of history writing is to explain and to understand, and not to pronounce politically correct - and presently fashionable - sentences on history. ...
          Extraordinary discoveries have been presented - and a pleasantly thorough research. This one contributes to prove that it is possible - successfully - to put forward extraordinary demand for quality in the promoting of insight in a complex, ancient world and its history of culture. Also, the book is an intellectual achievement, which - across dividing borders of traditional schools - has been carried through as not only an especially valuable, but in fact an upheaval, expanded research. And in the same time it is a highly inspiring reading. ... "
          - Jens Jorgensen, MA Historian, former Headmaster, external History Examiner at the Universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, - Sjaellands Tidende, Daily

Said about Ove von Spaeth's entire "Assassinating Moses"-series, VOLUMES 1-5:

The Historical Moses - a new orientating dimension

The historical Moses is presented by a full-scale-study, - these volumes contribute with a new orientating research, according to scientific reviews.

          "... The Danish writer, Ove von Spaeth, has written five books on Moses entitled: 'The Suppressed Record', 'The Son of Pharaoh's Daughter', 'The Vanished Successor', 'The Secret Religion', 'Prophet and Unknown Genius'. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read all of his work. But based on what I have read, and through communication with the author, I'm confident he has historically located the individual that wrote the chapters translated in this manuscript. He places Moses in Egypt in 1500 BC ... ".
          - Dianna Padgett, Writer, Researcher, - Transframe, - 

          "... The project description about the structure and goals of the entire huge project I find extremely successful, - elements and arguments refreshingly clearly presented, in fact the points are very concretely defined. As regards stylistic and structural implementing it is absolutely among some of the very best textual works you've produced. On the whole well written, a great appetizer so I got the urge to read more of your things. ..."
          - L. Steen Larsen, Ph.D. in History of Religions, Associate Professor at the University of Lund, Sweden, - Department of History and Anthropology of Religions

          "... All history is a manifold topic, because - when you become absorbed in it - it makes doors and windows open to all the four corners of the earth, and you discover that all of the history is coherent. Postscript: It is remarkable to observe the discovering/disclosing of researchers' or scholars' uncertainty and minus-knowledge derived from "methods" and "systems" which are self-contrived! This is now being exposed in the book-series of Ove von Spaeth: "Assassinating Moses". Visit: ...".
          - Poul Reitoft, The History & Chronology-project, -  - & -

          "... Regarding Ove von Spaeth's book-series about the historical Moses and Egypt: it comprises 25 years of concentrated research and the results - released through 5 unique works and in addition a special dissertation, the pioneering work on dating the world's oldest star map (Egyptian). In all, it is the biggest religious-cultural history research work ever in its genre - also, it is the most comprehensive interdisciplinary science project in this field carried out by one person alone. ..."
          - Hans Baron Anckarstjerna, Historian, Editor-in-chief, DJF, - Swedano Journal


(Publishing perspectives:)
  :  Prophet and Unknown Genius
- Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer     -   ASSASSINATING MOSES,  Vol. 4

In Danish:  "Proften som Ukendt Geni" (Attentatet på Moses, Vol.5)  / by Ove von Spaeth
Copenhagen  2005,
pp. 272,  soft cover,  DKK: 125,  -  illstr., facsims., maps, plans.
Includes bibliography and index.

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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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