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Ove von Spaeth
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Biographical Résumé

Ove von Spaeth,  Danish writer, historian and researcher, investigates the significant lines and currents of evidence from multiple sources and disciplines regarding the ancient mystery of historical Moses. By doing so, he opens up new dimensions in interdisciplinary studies and weaves a rich tapestry of materials drawn with careful scrutiny and accuracy from ancient history, archaeology, astronomy, Egyptology, religious and biblical studies, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, and even modern physics.
          The author's aim and purpose has been to bring the historical Moses back to life by extending and expanding the range of available knowledge about him in and beyond the strictly biblical contexts and to reveal the historical facts behind the myths and legends that have surrounded and shrouded him over millennia.

          An extraordinary consequence of Ove von Spaeth's research findings on Moses is the recovery of his place in history by means of a richly source supported reconstruction of this ancient personality's Egyptian heritage and proximity to the royal throne of Egypt. The fate and mystery of Moses of Egypt is researched by the author through cross-cultural explorations delving deep into the ancient Rabbinical Writings, studies in Egyptology, history of religions, biblical analysis, archaeology and astronomy. This last field of research reveals previously unnoticed or even unknown traces. This includes a hitherto unknown dating hidden in the world's oldest star-map found in Egypt in 1927.
          The strength of the author's approach, developed over several decades and various works, lies in his ability to combine and to synthesize findings of different disciplines and their abundance of materials into a comprehensive design. Together, these shed new light on mystery religions of the past and mythology while revealing historical facts contained in these even controversial areas of research. Such a holistic model and approach of study also opens up a special line of scientific inquiry: the cosmology of historical religions.


A brief review of Ove von Spaeth's principal works:    The well-documented discovery series of his exploration of Moses' Egyptian background was, although radical in its findings, received by readers, scholars, and media with great interest and enthusiasm - as well as with some protests and attacks, especially regarding the controversial first volume of his book-series on the new concept of the historical Moses. However, many experts disagreed with such critic, and the books were recommended by intermediation professionals in the Foreign Ministry of Denmark for giving a historical background to envoys in Egypt.
          This is the first time that a work on the scale of five volumes has ever been published on Moses. A reflection of the wave of international interest generated by the five volumes on Moses is the fact that the University and National Library of Jerusalem, including several others, began immediately purchasing the series at the first release. In 2005, volume 5 in the series was published thus drawing this long-term project to a close. It is to be currently succeeded by a full-scale translation from Danish into English
          Ove von Spaeth's treatise about the exact dating of the world's oldest star map is a pioneering scientific work that was published by the "Centaurus International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology" (Vol. 42, 3) in July 2000. A special version, for non-scientific readers was added in "The Enigmatic Son of Pharaoh's Daughter", Vol. 2 of his book-series on Moses. Due to a soon widespread interest the paper is to be found in scientific libraries all over the world and continuously debated in international forums.

    "… Concerning Ove von Spaeth's momentous, new-orientating treatise on "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map", which was published in "Centaurus International Magazine on The History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology" (2000, Vol. 42:3, pp. 159-179): - a scientific pioneering work which has gained sustained admiration and respect internationally for its non-traditional observations and for finding solutions to difficult problems of key importance to ancient Egyptian astronomy and the chronological perspectives. In addition, the actual findings have furthered research on rendering more accurate the dating of Moses' historical period …"
          - Hans Baron Anckarstjerna, historian, editor-in-chief, - Swedano Journal


New Points of View:   In time the importance of keeping track and maintaining the developments in perspectives generated by Ove von Spaeth's various publications, it became obvious also to present them on the Internet. Therefore, the events following the appearance of the book-series and the often unorthodox reactions are all presented on these books' own homepage
          The interest of readers since 1999 turned the  into a 'cult' status. Later the site was expanded together with a comprehensive updating of literature and holds more than 160 web pages. Most of these are bilingual. These archives on the Internet contain reviews, debates, critical comments, recommendations, reservations, and queries. As well, there is a history of research conducted over decades and now unlocked for posterity. It concerns the work on historical Moses and the quest for his traces and new discoveries regarding his life and work. (Cf. some of the credentials)



Other data

Some details in brief:    In addition to writing books, Ove von Spaeth has done considerable science-cultural journalistic work. From studios in Denmark as well as through  times of living abroad and conducting discovery tours around the world. He presents articles and features on a range of subjects from astronomy, cultural and religious history, myth research and anthropology.
          The author has worked out a determinative astronomical dating for a Tycho Brahe treatise (by Peter Zeeberg, Professor in Latin Language, University of Copenhagen) - published in the series of 'Renaissance Studies' from 'Museum Tusculanum'. Occasionally, Ove von Spaeth has been reviewer for the (now former) Scandinavian magazine 'Astronomisk Tidsskrift', and also consultant for the Steno Museum, the Danish Museum for History of the Exact Sciences, at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Furthermore, he has contributed as a referee-/reviewer with the "Isis Journal of the History of Science", the world's oldest and leading international magazine of science history.
          In the 1970’s, Ove von Spaeth extended his studies in ancient history, religions, and astronomy. Before the 1980’s, Ove von Spaeth was also researching in cyclical phenomena, synchronicity, and 'pattern recognition' - at a time when this was a new and developing line of research. This was supported by his connections with some of the pioneering scientists and scholars in the fields of astronomy and nuclear physics. It established tracks in the author's articles and publications on the history of science, history of religion and ideas, and related topics.

A survey on his works will include:

The Book-series on researching the historical Moses:
•  The Suppressed Record: Mose' Unknown Egyptian Background. "Assassinating
    Moses', Vol.1, Copenhagen 1999, & 2004.
•  The Enigma of the Son of Pharaoh's Daughter: Moses' Identity and Mystery Re-evaluated.
    'Assassinating Moses', Vol.2, Copenhagen 2000.
•  The Vanished Successor: Rediscovering the Hidden War Leading to Exodus. 'Assassinating
    Moses', Vol.3, Copenhagen 2001.
•  The Secret Religion: Moses and the Egyptian Heritage in Past and Present. 'Assassinating
    Moses', Vol.4, Copenhagen 2004.
•  Prophet and Unknown Genius: Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer. 'Assassinating
    Moses', Vol.5, Copenhagen 2005.

Treaties and other Papers
•  'Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map', (Aarhus University and) Munksgaard Publ. (1999-)2000.
•  Critical notes with Introduction and Dictionary to Gunnar Raman's scholarly Danish edition of
    Patanjali's Yoga Sutras including the Classical Commentaries, Strubes Publishers, Copenhagen
•  'Clues from Astronomy for Dates in Tycho Brahe's "Urania Titania": A Poem to Sophie Brahe', a
    critical edition with translation by Peter Zeeberg, Museum Tusculanum Publ., Copenhagen 1994.

Other Books:
•  Images of Cities, (Billeder af Byer), Strubes Publishers, Copenhagen 1966, reprint 1969.
•  Psychedelic '67, (Psychedeliske ’67), Strubes Publishers, Copenhagen 1967, extended ed. 1969.

•  Internet based: published more than 25 e-books on different subjects, 2009-2011, 2012, etc

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Ancient Egypt - beautiful art and jewellery
(Courtesy: Egyptian National Museum, Cairo)
The Louvre Museum, Paris
(Courtesy: Musée du Louvre)

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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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